Those Three Little Words

March 6, 2012
By AlexandriaAngeleyes SILVER, FRANKLIN, Connecticut
AlexandriaAngeleyes SILVER, FRANKLIN, Connecticut
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No matter how many times
I look at that picture
No matter how many times
I reminisce in the memories
It's never going to be real again
It hardly seemed to ever be real
It seemed to be a dream
Too good to be true
Now I know
It was a lie
Those three little words
I never said
For fear that you would not feel the same
I've learned
Those three little words
My mouth could never form
But my eyes always hold
You never thought those three little words
Towards me
Those three little words
I cannot say
Have left me
Those three little words
That describe a feeling so strong
Are still in my head
They come into my head
Along with your picture
And your face
And all the beautiful memories
When i thought the feeling was mutual
When i thought you felt the same
But I should have known better
So I cry over those memories
I look at that picture, dream of your face
Every night
Those three little words
Dancing around in my head
Through my subconscious
Never escaping my lips
Now I know
The feelings not the same
So the words
Are forever imprisoned in my mind
In correlation with you
And your beautiful face
That will never be mine to see again
Those three little words
I hate so much
To plague my mind
And never to be revealed
To the one who matters most
To the one who
Makes me feel those three little words

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