I'm left with shadows

March 6, 2012
By AlexandriaAngeleyes SILVER, FRANKLIN, Connecticut
AlexandriaAngeleyes SILVER, FRANKLIN, Connecticut
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Crying makes it so hard to breath
Crying makes everything so hard to see
Thinking of reality
Wishing for a fantasy
Waiting for sleep
Where dreams with your face await me
Hidden from reality
Shadowed with fantasy
But even my dreams have become contaminated
With the haunting reality
Of me
Without you
Without you
I see you all the time
But its not you anymore
Someone has taken your place
Its as if
The cold winter wind
Has taken your place
I'm always trying to catch it
But every time I get close
It slips out of my fingers once again
Escapes my grasp
Goes beyond reach
Teases me with shadows
And images in the mist
Your name floating by
Your image in my head
All that i have
Is the memories
Of a life we once shared together
Thats now gone forever

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