To A Dead Lawyer

March 6, 2012
By Anonymous

You were a lawyer,
you gave that to me.
An argument, a purpose,
a fate predetermined for me.

But along came a doubt,
the one I vocalize now.
An argument out of dust, you could make.
No challenge was left unchallenged.

So why is it that you, a lawyer,
gave in so swift to oblivion?
An argument to live you could have given,
but time passed despite this,
and midnight struck,
you surrendered quietly.
Did the lawyer lose his purpose, his justice, his will?
Did cancer take his argument, his passion, his skill?

For you, and only you,
I pledge to argue death!
For the lawyer who was outmaneuvered,
I promise no last breath.

The author's comments:
My father died from cancer when I was nine.

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