Finding My Way to Goodbye

March 6, 2012
By gingerprincess BRONZE, Wellington, Colorado
gingerprincess BRONZE, Wellington, Colorado
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Through the seas of confusion
Fed with salty tears
Unending battle with rocky shores

We shall be your ever-weeping meadow
We shall fight the through the heart ache and pain
Of a dieing love

With a departure so deafening
Muting the pain wreaked world
Screams never heard
Hearts forever aching

Ruptured hearts, many bleeding unending crimson streams
Through the door ways of the many souls
Souls that will be forever shaking

Memories, once were so sweet
Blaze white hot in the calmest of nights
Through searing tears
We strip ourselves of our Hope, Joy, Laughter, and Love
So that they may fly to you
Maybe that way you can feel them again

May you ascend with Strength and Grace
Leave our arms to those of the heavenly Father
May you find peace and shed no tears

Through the sands of time
May we be able to say goodbye
Then step forward to meet again

You are etched in us as in to stone
You will never fade, even with those coarse sands of time,
We will weather every storm

But hush now child do not fret for the
Restless nights, or the tears we may weep
For we know we are in the eyes, heart, and arms of an

The author's comments:
In Loving memory
Harrison Chase Brown

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