Lost Love

March 6, 2012
By AndiCandy BRONZE, West Rutland, Vermont
AndiCandy BRONZE, West Rutland, Vermont
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1) life only happens 1ce make it great 2) the bwst thing about being at the bottom you can only go up 3)

I collapse on my bed, clearly exhausted from weeks of little to no sleep. I was dreaming about him again. Why him? Why now? Why me? Are all the questions that go through my head every day, along with the physical and emotional pain, the tear-stained cheeks, total and complete exhaustion from the fear of his haunting face in my sleeping dreams awaiting me, and slow painful ache of a broken unwanted heart is enough to dive me mad. I sighed and gave way to the demons in my head, fell asleep awaiting another treacherous day of high school.

The author's comments:
well right now im going thought a totally heart break and writing sad but i still think this is good

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