Safe & Sound

March 6, 2012
What happened to you keeping me safe and sound.
I guess that's what you say when no one is around.
Just to get my hopes up, right?
Then shoot me down when I'm in mid flight.
Only if every kiss from you would take away the pain you cause.
I wish I could just put my love for you on pause,
But I can't, I'm wrong.
I'm not that strong.
I can't just give you up like that.
Because we know I'll always come back.
I don't know why, but I always do.
I'm starting to think it's because I love you.
You say you love me too.
I know it's true.
I just sometimes feel like I'm only good enough when you want me.
Even though in the back of my mind, I know we'll always be,
But doesn't' every one question love?
Especially when push comes to shove.
But honestly I know I'll always be with you,
No matter what you do.

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