When I Dreamed of You

March 6, 2012
By , Jacksonville, FL
Meadows of pink and yellow flowers,
You kissed me in the pouring rain.
The wonderful sensation of electrical powers,
Danced on my lips to heal the pain.

You told me you loved me,
You asked me to hold you,
You told me you needed me,
You asked if I felt that way to.

One look into those haunting eyes,
One flip of that fragile hair,

One moment away and a part of me dies,
One strand goes missing to learn that life isn’t fair.

And then there’s sweet ole me,
Sitting on a couch reading my favorite book,
Next to me sits a frail cup of peppermint tea,
My heart stolen by the beautiful crook.

With my eyes of brown,
And with yours of radiant green,
I try my strongest not to frown,
And your heart gives off a most beautiful gleam.
I love you and your way of life,
That’s why I have to do myself a favor,
And have you end this with a knife,
With all my love to savor.

As soon as it touched my head,
I was back in reality,
Back in my soft and warm bed,
I stood up and walked out the door to my balcony.

Just to know that you really are out there,
To know that your heart with mine beats,
To know that we both breathe the same city air,
I jump to the cold floor of the city streets.

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