Spark of Life

March 6, 2012
there is something not seen
that pulls on everything

it’s a force much bigger
that requires no trigger

it's dangerous
but kind
it can exist in your mind

it has power like no other
but no power over you

it can end a world, a star
it can be felt from afar
it is microscopically large
and has a hope to purge

it needs nothing in return
for everything you burn

it has power over gods
it has power over people

no manifestation of peace
can bring it to its knees
no unholy act of violence
can drown out its pleas
not the most sacred pain
will make it come again-

and only one thing that is-
one thing that can be-
one thing can understand it

that one thing is asleep

we have tried in vain,
through ages of pain,

we have killed our kind,
we have attempted
enlightening our mind

we have turned to science
we have turned to violence,

but one thing we haven't tried
could wake this sacred secret

that thing comes in power unmatched
but cannot be found
it is something no one has realized
because it makes no sound

it is all around you
it is all around me
it is something we cannot see

but it has been with us all
since the dawn of time
on every dying fall
on every church bell chime

there is something not seen
that pulls on everything

there is one thing that it could be
one thing, alone, that you will see
it is here, obviously,
that one thing is you and me

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