A Whole Different Perspective

March 6, 2012
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Not having a care in the world,
Running around with my neighbors.
Always having our hair curled,
I loved to dress up with my sister.

Visiting Disney World was always a blast,
We made sure we went to Dino- land,
It was a park dedicated to creatures from the past.
Seeing the princesses was so magical, too!

Painting pictures of rainbows
And coloring in my coloring books
Could easily make me smile and glow,
I would always cheer up if I was sad.

The only reason I was fine with going to bed
Was so I could cuddle up with Buggie.
She was what I could rest my head on,
I love and still snuggle with my favorite blanket.

Looking back now I appreciate my childhood,
I had it easy and I was so care- free.
My parents made sure I got what I wanted as long as I was good,
Oh, how I with I were 3 again.

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