For Anna

March 6, 2012
Spiraling into space.
Zipping by lullabies
And schoolhouse rhymes;
Now begins the chase.
Living in a world
Full of utter confusion,
Taking punches with rolls,
Dodging words
Like they're bullets,
Diving into rabbit holes.
Grasping for reality,
Holding onto freedom.
Clutching hope to her heart,
Shielding it from the sickness.
Leeching into souls.
Breaking love apart.
Hush now,
Catch those diamonds,
Released by your cry.
Form them,
Mold them;
To put the sparkle in your eye.
It's just one day,
There will always be another.
Dream of other times
As time ticks forward;
Gently let yourself smile,
As the rabbit races by.

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