Learning How Not to Die

March 6, 2012
This world that surrounds me

Is utterly confusing.

My smiling face and sudden laugh

Are just a mask to cry behind.

It's all just a sham to die behind.

It hurts to see you now,

Hurts like nothing before.

Your eyes,

Your smile;

They're not for me anymore.

It's been such a long while now,

Since I last slept through the night.

So dark.

So cold

Alone now I just might...

I just might bow my head now,

And let the pain take me;

Let the sorrow, the heartbreak

Flow freely from my shadowed eyes.

Sweet Lord,

Don't take my soul tonight;

I swear it's not my time.

Pay no heed to the tears I cry.

They're just a broken heart's way

Of learning not to die.

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