Do You Know?

March 6, 2012
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Have you ever thought you knew someone
Everything they’ve said everything they’ve done
Assumed you knew them from what you heard
But do you really know them or what they’ve endured
Do you know the person behind the eyes
Is who you see real or just a disguise
Why treat someone like you know them better than they do
Instead of getting to know them and what they’ve been through
Everyone everywhere is so misunderstood
People think they know you more than anyone else could
The person you think you see
May not be who you think they may be
So instead of acting like you know them and holding such a grudge
Get to know who they are and not just be the judge
People are people they are who they are
But you don’t really know them until you push them too far
So be the bigger person and look at life through their view
And maybe you’ll see how people think they know you

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