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March 6, 2012
By Anne847348 BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
Anne847348 BRONZE, Seaford, Delaware
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What we saw in being captured
Was a sense of loss, or unavoidable doom
The running, the shots, All the blood flowing
The pile of bodies
I watched from my hiding place. Within the walls
Mother made me promise to keep still
I heard her cry my name
And I knew she was leaving me
The bodies gathered burning
Soldiers stood watching
And the others heading back to the Buildings
As I watched from my little hole
All I could think, was not Denial, but a strong belief within me
That my mother was rising
Coming closer to you
In this innocent youth
I feared not death, which I saw as an escape
From the world of smoke, and bodies burning
A life which would make the strongest man change

I heard the steps, and I stopped breathing
Ha, they’ll never find me
They set the walls on fire
The Darkness became lit
I could see the fire creeping
When the heat became unbearable
I crept out the living room
And watch the vehicles leaving
I could feel the foundation crumbling
What occurred to me?
That dying this way, was a gift
From the usual way of dying
How I survived that day
I thank God
The running that day
Living to save myself
No regrets, just the Belief
That if I die
That I’ll join my mother
Rising above to the Heavens

The author's comments:
My English Teacher,Mr.Harry Brake gave me an assignment on the Holocaust. I was to imagine that I was experiencing the life and to write about it. These words fell on my paper..

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