Make Me Your Whole World

March 6, 2012
I want to come first,
I want to be your first thought,
put me before any decisions.
Let me be the first person you call when something exciting happens.

I want to be your whole world,
like nothing else matters as much as me.
I want to live the cliche where your world revolves around me.

I want to feel important,
to be the only one you put before everything else.
Treat me like a princess,
kiss me in public like noone is watching,
break rules for me,
never let enough time go by that I start to miss you.

Do everything in your power to make me feel wanted.
Make me feel like I matter.
Show me that there is always one person I can count on.

Never give me a reason to be upset, but if I ever am, you can cheer me up, because you know best.

Never give the impression that I come second. Always put me first.

Most of all, take pride in me.
let no girl get the idea that you could be theres. Promise me to be mine forever.

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