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March 6, 2012
By My_bloody_rose BRONZE, Troupsburg, New York
My_bloody_rose BRONZE, Troupsburg, New York
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Hunched down in the cold.
The wind howled and beat against my coat.
The ice and snow crunched beneath my toes.
Nothing dared to move.
Nothing dared to breathe.
They all feared me.

I raised my head and called to my friends.
The trees danced to an age old tune.
Something moved...
Splashes of gray, black, and pure white raced across the
barren land.

They ran towards me and I dashed away.
We chased each other around the trees and across
the open plains.
Snow falls from the frozen branches as we fly beneath them.
Our spirits lightened, we return home.
Huddled around each other we listen to the silence
that blankets the forest.
As the night darkens we hear the distant call of a friend.

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