Time Bomb

March 5, 2012
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Anger roiling through me,
Like a nest of hornets,
Buzzing and stinging
My insides,
Fighting to become free,
Yearning to catch a breath
Of fresh air.

Cooped up in my heart
And mind,
The monster rages
And thrashes,
Trying to escape,
Trying to overcome me,
Envious of freedom.

Its eyes turn
Bright red with anger,
Blazing like angry rubies,
Red as blood,
As it tears at my heart,
Trying to burst free.

It begins to tick;
Faster and faster,
Like a bomb.
Time is flying
Before my eyes,
Ticking and tocking
Like the clock of life
Is running down,
Like a bomb
Ready to explode.

I clutch the sink,
Gazing into the mirror,
What has
Become of me?
What have I turned into?
Why have I come here?
How do I escape?

The monster fights harder
As I try to resist;
But it is strong,
Stronger than before.
Its grip on me strengthens,
As my grip loosens.
Reality fades and
Sinks into darkness.

I lie hopeless,
Trapped inside the confines
Of my own mind,
As I watch the monster
Take over,
With sickness
In my heart.

I fight,
But my strength
Is weakness,
My mind
Is thoughtless,
My body
Is motionless.

The monster smiles
As the pain begins,
Relinquishing my sorrow,
My regret,
My horror
At what I’ve become,
At what I’ve done.

Red tears of pain
Streak down my arm,
As the monster grows
In strength,
Bellowing with triumph,
Writhing with pleasure.

My strength wanes,
As the monster
Drinks it,
Gorges itself,
Filling itself to the brink.

Finally it can drink
No more,
But it has grown
In strength and size,
And next time
Its thirst will be
Much stronger.

Struggling with the pain,
I watch as the monster
Reenters my mind,
And pushes me out.
As I regain control,
It settles in my heart
And begins to wait
For the next time
I start to weaken,
Sleeping with one eye open,
Ready to pounce
And quench its endless thirst.

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