The Things I Carried

March 5, 2012
By mreaser BRONZE, Lkjdsfs, Delaware
mreaser BRONZE, Lkjdsfs, Delaware
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The Things I Carry:
A black iPhone (always in a protective case off Ebay), a thick wallet with lace, an “I <3 Jesus” lanyard with a cross keychain and keys to my car, church, and home.
These are the constants, the security blanket for a teenager.
To be without those, you feel lost…


The Things I Carry:
Ponytails to secure my exceptionally curly hair if it gets out of hand,
Chap-sticks (One of every kind) for my lips,
Lotion (unscented) for my hands that are always dry,
Make-up to help cover-up my imperfections...

or to enhance my natural features.

(On a more serious note)

The Things I Carry:
By my side, I carry them.
To our lockers, to our classes, to church, to youth group, to Bible study, to our various hangouts (Sonic, Rachel’s or Alyssa’s, AMC 30, the park, anywhere free). Hopefully,

to college,

and beyond…
The Things I Carry:
Pressure, the future (college), loneliness,
The opinions of those who approval I seek,
The lies I believe that degrade my attitude,
The image of perfection I try to attain in all aspects of my life.


my Best Friend,

He carries me.
He’s really easy to get along with, very compassionate, and loves you unconditionally.
Honestly, I can’t get over how phenomenal He is! Words don’t do Him justice.

The Things I Don’t Carry:
Life. My life isn’t mine,
it’s a gift.
My Best Friend, He did something that takes away all the things I carry.
When he died, a brutal, undeserved, sinless death, on the cross, it took all my burdens away.
All the things I carry? He carries them for me because He loves me so much.
I’ll never have to carry my indignity, slip-ups, or pride.

Through it all,
He carries me.

The author's comments:
In English class at school we are reading The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. We were given the assignment of writing a free style poem about the things we carry, whether figurative or literal.

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