Hold me down

March 5, 2012
His strong, big, cold, mean hands held me hostage,
My arms pinned down,
On the cold wet floor,
I feel like I'm sinking under,
I scream for help,
Nothing comes out,
He slides off my shirt,
Smiles wide with devil eyes,
Slides his hands up and down the side of my body,
Slips my pants down,
My heart shrivels up at each breath he makes,
Next moment he's on top of me,
Screaming at me to not say a word,
I cried and he hushed me "sh".
I woke up in a cloud of heaven,
Daddy hushed the words "Mom will be here at seven",
He tucked me to bed,
Pulled the cover tight,
Pulled up his pants,
And left for the night,
I woke with the noise of the door slam shut,
Mommy came in and saw my wrist was cut,
She screamed and cried,
That night I died,
Hurting by the feeling of keeping this lie...

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