The Graveyard

March 5, 2012
By thebearclaw BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
thebearclaw BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
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The snow begins to fall on the cold, rigid ground it feels like crunching bone at every step. I look up to the sky, grey and ominous; I can’t see the emotion in the air only frozen tears, though it feels as numb as I do. I hold the flowers tightly in my hand as I open the gate, I can feel icy pain as I pull the bars toward me. The gate opens and I see the graves rising from the ground like the zombies they name. The names catch my eye as I travel deeper into the abyss. I catch the outline of a person ahead, you, and recognize the eyes as I draw nearer, warm and cold at the same time. You take my hand, this feels so right our hands, we fit together I only wish I told you this sooner. You lead me to our destination, a grand marble shrine drawn from the ground, it wasn’t here long but it looks like it was falling apart before they laid the first stone. I let go of your hand and place my flowers at the foot of the grave and reread the epitaph “Here lies our love. We never had a chance.” I turn to take my place by your side, but you’re gone. The snow continues to fall; time moves on, the world keeps turning. We never had a chance.

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