You see, I see

March 5, 2012
You see fat when you look at her
You see weirdness when you glance at her
You see strange hair when you stare at her
You see oddly dressed when you focus on her
You hear a strange voice when she talks
You hear her stutter when she speaks
You call her ugly at her very sight

You and all the other says she is weird, odd, fat, and ugly. You say why cant she loose weight. You ask why cant she be like the rest of us. When you look at her you see weakness, a follower, a loser.

Yet when I look at myself:

Instead of seeing fat I see a thick madame
Instead of seeing weirdness I see unique
Instead of seeing strange hair I see creativeness
Instead of seeing oddly dressed I see my own fashion.
Instead of hearing a strange voice and stuttering voice I hear a STRONG VOICE.
Instead of seeing ugliness...I see Beauty.

I say im a thick, unique, creativeness, fashionable, strong madame. I don't like to be like everyone else because I am my own soul. While I look at myself I see a STRONG person. While I look at myself I see a person who was born to lead. When I look at MYSELF I do not see a loser... when I look at MYSELF...I see a winner

By: Melissa Martinez
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Junpei said...
Mar. 19, 2012 at 5:49 pm
Wow this is really deep; i'm very impressed.
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