Remember When,

March 5, 2012
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Remember when,

The earth wasn't so cold,

Drugs weren't invented,

School was still safe,

God was a prime,

Love was pure,

Wars were fake,

Guns weren't real,

Divorces didn't exsist,

People were freinds,

Nobody fought,

I thought so,

Nobody remembers,

not even me.

But Today,

People fight,

There's been wars,

and more are to come,

Love is tainted,

Divorces are known,

God has been forgotten,

Schools are dangerous,

Drugs are infamous,

and The earth is too cold.

This is the world we live in now.

The truth has to be told.

And now, thanks to a person,

Who wasn't afraid to speak,

Who's brave enoph to say,

This world has been crying,

And we are all too deaf to hear her,

crying,crying, crying,

so loud and so long,

but all we hear is greed,

is idiocity,

is drugs,

is, is,


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