Guardian Angel

March 5, 2012
Dead and gone
I'm left all alone
Time to wonder, time to think
Time to pull myself back from the brink
Gramma's gone, I'm still here
I'm caged by my fear
My spirit crushed, my heart broke
My soul lost all hope
Day by day, I start to feel right
Knowing you have seen the light
You're with me now
I wish I knew how
Separated, my love for you grows
Faster than you know
Grandpa cries, Mamma misses
We spend our time in sweet reminisces
Always and forever
We send our love
Knowing you are better
And watching from above.

On wings of pearl
She tours the world
Radiant youth restored
She bows before the Lord
So soft her speech
Which evil shall never breach
She sits upon Heaven's beach
Watching the Holy Gates
For a loving family, she patiently waits
Her sons and daughters
Looking to the Father
A husband filled with love
Looking for strength from God above
Pure of heart
Never truly apart
She sees us when we can't see her
She has a new life
Free from hurt, anger, sickness and strife
Tremendous love she sends
To beloved family and treasured friends.

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