not a chance

March 5, 2012
By kauilani SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
kauilani SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
try to forget love because love's forgotten me.

Now that you’re done,
Let me explain your fatal flaw
You take what’s pointed towards you
And turn it around.
It’s the perfect plan
If everyone is pointing at me
Then they can’t see through you.

Create your diversion,
But I can see through your carefully set snares
They are hidden among the leaves
The rot
The ruin
The gone.

But to be alive is my savior
To see past the rot
The ruin
The gone.

Have you figured out a plan?
Have you sharpened your sword of lies?
Is your pistol of deceit fully loaded?
Have you gathered the dogs?

You’ll never catch me.
You might be able to catch
The rotten
The ruined
The gone

But not the live kill
Not the one who senses snares
The one who treads carefully
The one who never takes chances
The one living in caution

But you are irresistible
So enticing
So knowing

So fake
Feel like a dream
But I know it’s another trap.
Not again.
Never again

The author's comments:
i was bored so i wrote this in class

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