I've Never

February 28, 2012
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I've never served America,
nor aimed a rifle at a threatening opponent.
I've never been at the front of battle,
nor known the abomination that is war

Charred remains of corpses on the field
and flashbacks of screams and pain do not haunt me
The fear of death does not consume me

I have no camouflage to protect me in the jungles
I have no ribbons to show my achievements
No awards or flags or purple hearts to prove my merit
No clanging metal tags around my throat

It's not that I am frightened
I don't quiver at the thought of blood
It's not that I can't do it
My body is strong, not withered or sick

I don't have anything to lose
I have no family to miss me
I have no home to come back too
No job to fire me if I leave

I have no criminal record
I've never been crass enough to take from another
I have no troubled past
I am not tormented by my memories

I am not aloud to join
They say I'm unfit to fight
I am not wanted in the barracks
They say I'm useless to my soldiers

My problem is permanent
My mind against me
Unchangeable and deadly
Is my epilepsy

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