Easier to Let Go

March 4, 2012
It was easier to let our friendship go
Easier for me to say "I’m done"
Easier to walk away
Easier to never look back

Things you said
Things I said
The only difference
I have no regret

Words you said
Left me thinking
How stupid must I be?
Slowly I looked to you

Only thing that made sense
To say “ok”
No more fight was left within
Your face showed utter shock

I had my satisfaction then
Though I had to go a step further

I deleted you from
My past
My present
My future

Suddenly relieved
Easier to let you go, it was
Leaving you breathless-emotionless
Took my stand

Easier to let you go
Easier to let I go
Easier to let us go

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HateKnuckle said...
Mar. 18, 2012 at 12:19 am
Nice. I prefer rhyme and rhythm but this was okay. Good message and quite applicable to me if I were to say that the anrrator was breaking up with a girlfriend.
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