March 4, 2012
By Anonymous

He's her best friend.
They grew up together,
knowing everything about each other,
except one thing,
She was in love with him.

He was her muse,
the person who inspired her to keep going,
the one who held her when she cried.

She was afraid to tell him,
and one day, it was too late.
He was with some other girl,
one who treated him bad,
one who used him,
but she was the only one seeing it.

And one day,
a wreck so devastating,
the whole country heard about it.
Some drinks, drugs, and an explosion.
The boy died, leaving his best friend behind.
She never saw him again.

The day of his funeral,
she made a speech.
"I loved him, but didn't have the guts to tell him. He was my best friend, my hero,
he didn't deserve to die this way,
I should've told him I loved him.
So here goes,
I love you. I always have. I'll see you one day,
and tell you in person.
Thank you for everything."

And then, so silently,
she walked away.
And in the night,
she drove to a park.
But something went wrong,
and all she saw was light.

And then she saw him.
Looking as handsome as ever.
And all she said was
"I Love You."

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