Fracking Perfect

March 4, 2012
I would have lived here,
In this forever expanse of sky,
The trees up ahead,
The green grass underneath,
It was perfect until they said goodbye.
The wind rustled my leaves,
And the red sky up ahead,
Warned of a sad coming,
So instead of staying,
We had to leave instead.
The trees chopped down,
The grass withering in light,
The unbearable heat of sun,
The water being poisoned,
It was all an uncomfortable sight.
Then the ground shook,
And the natural gas fled,
The energy had come,
And the humans were happy,
For now, with money, they could be fed.
But me, the flower,
Felt the ground give a moan,
And then I knew:
We were all sitting
On a death throne.
As my petals withered,
And I all but died,
I looked out once more,
At the scenery,
And then I cried.
Poison in the water,
Death in my wake,
Machinery punching the ground,
And I couldn't help but wonder,
How could this earth not break?
It will someday, I'm sure of it,
When no one stops the drill,
But when can a measly
Flower do to stop it,
When the Earth is this ill?

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Little Otter said...
Apr. 25, 2012 at 9:38 pm
Tempus, I want to thank you for putting my mind at ease that the younger generation is paying attention to what adults are doing to there mother earth. You are my grain of hope when I watch the natural gas companies brain wash young indavidules to attend and sing the praises of high volume Hydrofracking. Thank you for the poem and giving me hope. Now go spread the word the our country and planet wants renewable energy NOW!
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