questions un-answered

March 4, 2012
By Anonymous

I’m wounded
Could you fix me?
I feel so alone
Would you fill that loneliness for me?
Could you accept my insanity?
And yet, walk through the street along with me?

“Yes love. forever.” Is what you whisper
And even tonight, those words ring in my ears
The ‘yes’ and the ‘love’, my favourite words
I wish I could keep hearing them,
Like they were the only ones…..

The mind questions, “how did we meet?”
“And I wonder have we?”
Then what made us get along so well?
That we were literally inseparable

Out of six million other lives,
Why you?
The only stranger
That I let in my life…..

What made you different from others?
That smile, is what my heart whispers….
And then I look up to your face
And realize, the smile still exists…..

That moment and smile
I can picture it all in my mind
But then I give up on it
And instead, kiss you till my heart can no more take it……. <3

The author's comments:
This was written on the night of valentine's.I never judged if it was good or bad.....all i knew everything, every word I had written it came from feelings that came naturally.....and so i just let the words flow :)

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