March 3, 2012
By Someone.Somewhere BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
Someone.Somewhere BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
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Society is a plague, a sickness
Spreading disease and creating weakness
Making you see yourself in a dark light
Pushing for an internal fight
The hatred always increasing
The expectations never ceasing

Society isn’t diverse
It’s the exact reverse
Striving to be the same
Clones, where the only difference is the name
Everyone trying be the perfection
It’s no worse than a deadly infection

Society is a mutation
Deformed in a poisonous relation
With people going insane
Putting themselves through unneeded pain
The imperfections are magnified
Put into perspectives for the ignorant and terrified

Society is a predetermined fate
Where only the insecure can relate
It preys on the indecisive and pliable
Putting down the independent and reliable
It’s genocide for those with real heart
And the people who refuse to take part

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem is the way society is now. It pushes one image to everyone. Society makes people think badly about themselves and they don't realise that they are beautiful. It's just my opinion, but I do think it's true. If you look around, I mean really look, there are teenage girls starving themselves to be skinny and never feeling good enough when they are truely beautiful, but soiety has made it where if you're not that one perfect image then you're not desirable to get to know. I think it's impotant for everyone to know that modern day society is killing the future generation.

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