March 3, 2012
By lilybilly7 BRONZE, San Francisco, California
lilybilly7 BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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the raindrops fall in tranquilizing black chivalry
and the girls dressed in cocaine powder white
drift before me, slowly circulating around my meticulously tantalized brain
shrinking in this empty bed i dig half moons into my blank palms in this silent but so terribly murderous jealousy
that i am so hesitant to vocalize
for sure of the desolation every flash of light your icy eyes procure
as you watch me stumble and trip, daft with my words for the only time
as the black current of anxiety surpasses with the desperate metallic echo that now becomes so mundane, of what was so indifferent to the passing faces becoming less and less of a blur and more of a reality pressing down on my lungs with skillful fingers
testing my breath as if the ability could deconstruct with the vague disintegration of my being

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