Some Things Never Change

March 3, 2012
By Raineandfire BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
Raineandfire BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Wars come and go but my soldiers stay eternal"

chicken scratch rearrange and mismatch
keep my mind intact thru writers block pitch black
sometimes its not so easy believe me
I got my head blocked like traffic in the inner city
Isn’t life peachy
Stop handing me lemons
With all this fruit I could put Stop n Shop out of business
Whats with this life ain't fair so u get no forgiveness
Just witness stress chasin' visions turned illusion and keep livin'
Whats the incentive why am I driven to make dreams real with the problems im given
I guess it comes down to that fraction of a chance that its possible
That maybe my rhythymless dance might actually allow me to follow thru
So I may find a purpose and call it true
In the mean time I look like the dork from blues clues
as try to swallow omens spewed in a never ending quest for truth
and when it seems like time may bring me to a halt
I see it thru and somehow things r all renewed
All it takes is a small spark not a whole ball park giving me further ado
I'm an individual meaning one no crew
I dunno if that’s whats best can I find a group and still bloom
Still find room no ridicule from you
Or you r you true
If not then I bid thee adieu
If so come forth and be introduced
I wont search for it I wont be the sleuth
I don’t have the two brimmed hat or magnifying glass trench coat to my shoes
Just ambition and a will not to lose
If I fall I crawl and find strength to move on
I may not stand tall but I wont be walked on
My soul is not gone so I walk on
I have a voice and I use it spread words like shells out a shotgun
Only unlike bullets my words don’t harm
They penetrate with the same power but for a case more strong
My words r for perseverance
and a will to keep going and know your rights when things r wrong
and to be able to dodge oppressions sharp prongs
and the ability to unmask that which appears to be good and find within it its flaws
I speak of the ambition to keep marching with a cause
I speak of seeing it out till the end and only then I pause
I speak of not stopping self expression tho it may drop jaws
I say let those jaws drop and if u want our friendship to stop its your loss
But id rather it not be that way Id rather keep friends and continue to gain
But its not up to me if u don’t feel the same
The world will never be perfect and people will always hate
We all must deal with pain and realize that some things don’t change

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