Cut Dead

March 4, 2012
By jackie15 BRONZE, Caguas, Other
jackie15 BRONZE, Caguas, Other
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The boy who can't live without me
The one who misses me, every day
The one who makes me laugh
And wonder where would I be if he left

Tormented with the 6-lettered word
The most terrifying zone,
He looked for other alternatives.

Yet, he still preferred me
We still talked
Fight even
Me being glad that he moved on
But never thought that I'd been forgotten

When he told me about this "great" relationship
Nothing but a smirk on my face
That day, he ignored me
Placed me aside like some kind of salad
like the lemon on top of a glass of ice-tea
like if I wasn't there

I felt repulsed by him
Like a Barbie when a girl turns ten
He was too old for this doll
Now he wanted the make-up

I played the snub game
Regaining some attention
And I realized  that life...
was like a sandwich 
and he was peanut-butter

To make a sandwich,peanut-butter needs jelly
Peanut-butter has grape and cherry
but he doesn't want cherry to go 
but neither grape
But cherry is tired and so I'll leave

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