The Underwater Field Of Lavender

March 3, 2012
Trickles of sweet lavender
Drip , drop down
A rainbow of fury
Behind a wall of façade
Of tranquility
A dizzying aroma of false testimony

Past the point of no return…

The darkness within the darkness of shadows
The dewy skies of a freshly cut heart

I’m falling,

I’m falling,

I’m falling,

Into. . .
The hazy dazzling blue
Like a breath of clear blue mist
And green placidity woven into a soul
Like a fluid in and out motion,
Half enticing, half deadly
Where the abyss is as far in as it’ll ever be out

The rapid jerking of each motion is magnified
Caressing the rough patterns of the air
A gentle cleaning of the soul
Reflects all others
The heat of your fire
And the ice of my pain
Create the savory steam of life

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