March 3, 2012
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The smile,which he hates, on his freckled face.
The soft,pale,green eyes that stare into my blue.
His short,sandy colored hair, that curls ever so slightly on the ends.
Slightly taller than me, he smiles at me.
The way he moves,thinks,laughs, and the way he talks.
The way that my heart would pound when his hand would hold mine.
The way when he kissed me for the first time, My heart soared, I felt like I was walking on air.
The passion he has for music, the way he loves fighting.

Only the few people I truely trust and open up to know who I am describing.
The one I accually, for real, fell in love with.
The one who was always there for me, no matter what.
The one who I always thought about.
The boyfriend I broke up with,because I was afraid of love, and I had fallen in love with him and hard.
The one I thought I would never think of again,yet I still couldnt stop.
The one I regret leaving.
The one that who stayed my friends after the breakup.
The one I fell in love with all over again.
The one I miss everday.
The one that whenever I hear,read, or even think of, makes me wish I could just kiss him again.
The one I still love.

Elijah... I love you

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