More Than A State Of Mind

March 3, 2012
By Xoxii15 PLATINUM, Gresham, Oregon
Xoxii15 PLATINUM, Gresham, Oregon
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The world changed for all those who were around
Everybody was left scared, they didn’t make a sound
Hatred, and screams
Broke through the cries
People were left unable to show feeling
It became more than a state of mind
They soon believed it to be a way of life

They let themselves believe
They let themselves down
They let those evils take their dignity
And shove it so hard into their brain
That they were left scarred

There was no hope for them
It was an outrage
The evils took charge
Grabbed them
And threw them into a cage
There was nothing left they could do
They had let it go too far
They didn’t know
That it would ever be this hard

But hope....
Hope did come
America stepped up
Took charge
And took down
They destroyed...
The very thing that was destroying the world
They left Germany in paranoia
Left them hoping to recover from the damage
Left them dying for society to forgive them
Left them dying to cover up their past

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