" My Honour, Is Loyalty "

March 3, 2012
By Xoxii15 PLATINUM, Gresham, Oregon
Xoxii15 PLATINUM, Gresham, Oregon
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Its not your abilities that make you who you are... But it is your choices

Its whats needed to be done
No need to run
We’ll catch you
You don’t deserve to be here
Your a disgrace
You know its true...

Torture is great
He forced that into our brains
Made sure that we knew
Knew what was up

The first time I caused death...
It was the grand slam
I took the whole family down
Lead the girls into the gas showers
Whipped ‘em 25 times
Laughed at their screams
At their pleads
Like I really cared?
All the sympathy
All the empathy
was knocked out of me
I didn’t care anymore

Next I took the men
Shackled them to the walls
Beat them with hot iron poles
Took my machine gun
Rapid Fire
Their lives were done

Them... and eventually
Millions of other disgraces

That was my life
Kill or be killed
And I was all for the will to kill
After all that was the right thing
The only way to make our country
Get rid of the trash
Throw it out
Burn it
Make sure it gets in peoples head
That you do not want to be like them

Its whats needed to be done
There was no use in running
We always caught them
They didn’t deserve to be here
They were a disgrace

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