" For the dead , and the living , we must bear witness"

March 3, 2012
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Please step forward.
Take it all away.
I want to see the blood spill.
I want to see the eyes roll.

I’m left blinded and scarred
You’ve gone to far
Everyone knows it, but why isn’t it being stopped?
Is there really nothing we can do?
Yesterday, I was holding hands with my family
Today, its just me
Only me
I saw you take their life
take their dignity
You shoved their bleeding eyes in my face
You grabbed my hand
and covered it in their blood
You cut them all up.
Tortured them
until they were left begging to die....

Why.. I asked
I asked again
and again....

Because I’m a Jew
I never even thought of anyone
anyone to believe an act like that was sane
Was it because you didn’t believe in Him?
Did you believe in anything at all....
Or was your life always filled with hate?
Did you feel betrayed?
What made you better than everyone else?
I’m always replaying these questions.
But I’ll never get the answers...
You don’t have them....

So please step forward
Take it all away.
I want to see the blood spill.
I want to the eyes roll.
Drag the bodies into the chambers
Gas them till they blow
After that
Nobody knows...

Hiding, I look in the distance
Dreaming of the sun
On my skin warming me from this disaster
I’m dying for the breeze to blow
just a little faster
I want the trees and daisies to return
I want my siblings running around me
I want my family, that all I yearn for
Is the chance to
Breathe them one last time....

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