I wish looks would kill

March 3, 2012
By shane,fenchly BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
shane,fenchly BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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I wish looks would kill! so I wouldn't have to be broken hearted every night, knowing he has you in his arms. I look at my hands, see where yours might have been. I should have just told you I care. Am I to proud to tell you those words, the ones he now whispers in your ears. I love you. Can you not see the way I longingly look into your eyes, as you stare at mine

I wish looks would kill. Just set me free already. It's not right to hold my heart captive in this cage of sight. I say I'm over you, then you look at me. My mask melts away to revel this love sick pup. Who can't get away. Who can't get over you.

I wish looks would put me out of my misery. Just let me be already. You've taken enough of me. What left of my looted heart cries out. You unknowing prod it for more. Just one half glance of your eyes, my heart burns away. I try one word. My lips are dry. One word. my knees are shaking. Just One word. I can't even say hi.

I wish looks would kill, and set me free tonight.

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