Answering My Call

March 3, 2012
Howls sound, echoing in the night.
My head lifts from my pillow, following the sound of the packs
Midnight heartfelt song.

The songs that they still do sing,
Oh, how perfectly they do ring. Sweet and perfect my pack does sing.

I rise from my comfortable bed,
My wolf lifts her head.

The song still rings, lifting its wish,
Calling upon their Alpha.

Wishing to finally run free,

calling, wishing for me.

A swift jump from my den,
I launch at a run.

Meeting, finally, my pack,
Answering my call.

With our song in the wind,
Joy resounding in our hearts.
We ran, while our song echoed

Deep in the night,
My pack and I received our

Running delight.

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