Fairytale Lies

February 26, 2012
By Coffee-holic BRONZE, ..., Wisconsin
Coffee-holic BRONZE, ..., Wisconsin
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Hidden in the castle,
she sleeps on the bed
waiting for a rescuer,
a hero, a soldier, a prince.
Her long hair hangs out
window as she waits for
someone who will never come.


In the spookiest forest,
she lies on the ground
an apple lies near her.
A single bite was all
that it took to get her.
A single apple was all
it took to poison her.
She waits for her prince
to come and kiss her to life.


Up in a parapet so high,
lies her sleeping corpse.
She was forgotten for too
long after she pricked her
finger on the tip of a spindle.
Spiderwebs connect her
to the sheets of her bed.
Her cheeks and eyes have sunken.
Her lips and skin has pallored.
Her skin is now paper and cold...


She walks amongst us,
never speaking a word.
She thought she would
have found her love,
but he has just scorned her.
Abandoned without a voice
on the ground up above,
she doesn't have too much
longer until she can no longer breath.


She's still on the ground,
scrubbing all the floors,
washing all the dishes,
dusting all the knick-knacks,
sweeping all the stairs,
hanging all the laundry,
beating all the carpets,
living all her life a slave...


There's no such thing as fairytales
or storybooks that have good endings.
All are lies spun out by optimists
for all the fools who believe them true.
There is no soldier, there is no prince,
there is no mounted man on a white horse.

There is only the poor man with barely a penny,
who would spend it all on you if he could.
There is only the man with only one arm,
who would give up the other one to save you.
There is only the maker of the red candles,
who will shine a light where the darkness lies...
There is only me...And I am no knight...

The author's comments:
The last line says it all...

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