February 26, 2012
By Sundown19 SILVER, Anna, Texas
Sundown19 SILVER, Anna, Texas
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Never underestamate the power of the eyebrow
-Jack Black

Walking in a line
Three paces back
They get inside
And forget the rest
How can you forget
If you didn't know
If someone was behind you
Just a piece of wood
Slammed in your face
How does that feel
It makes my heart race
I question my self
Did they know I was there
Did they see me at all
They were in a big rush....
And then I fall
Back trudging to my room
To go over the scene
I tried hurrying with them
But I guess I was
Too late
Or she didn't want me
I could be the mistake
Why is it my eyes
That see all the madness
But through them
It bends
Into sadness
Not just that
Envy too
Not very nice words
But they stick so well
I can't help but notice
All the dilemmas
No one else does
I guess it's just me...
Who does
What I do
Fight, question
Miserable things to chew

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I felt left wasn't as dramatic as I wrote it, but through my eyes it seemed a little weird. But that's why I enjoy writing, because I'm not lying to anybody, but it's how I see it,the opposite of a history paper or how someone else wants you to write it. I over exaggerate sometimes I admit, but I'm the one writing it.

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