Best Friends Forever

February 26, 2012
We are best friends forever
You and me
Me and you

It was a warm, spring day,
School was over.
We were on the bus going to your house
For the first time ever!

We’ve been best friends forever,
Since we were five,
But this is the first time I’ve been at your house.

We get to your house.
It’s the biggest house I’ve ever seen!
We go inside and it looks even bigger.
Her parents aren’t home so we can do whatever we want.
We go outside, but we’re not supposed to.

She has a huge pond outback,
About 4-5 feet deep.
We find these big metal poles,
And start throwing them into the water,
Trying to scare the fish.
Then we start taking the poles and hitting the water with them,
Splashing each other.

My friend hit the water with the pole and almost fell in.
She started screaming,
She lost her balance,
But regained it.
Then she starts laughing and says, “I’m glad I didn’t fall in again!”
I said, “Haha, you fell in before?”
“Yes!” she said. “My dad had to rescue me!”

We are best friends forever
You and me
Me and you

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