Tragedy of He

February 26, 2012
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He studies his palm
Questioning his next move
He decides, he has nothing more to lose
He swallows hard and before he can regret it
He’s on a trip

The room morphs
Into a black stair case
He knows there’s no option but to climb it

Soon as he steps foot on the case
His whole body begins to ache
A shiver is sent down his spine
He desperately wants to turn back time

Stepping higher he is confronted by his biggest fear
The ghost of his past
He can’t contain the scream
He wishes this were just another dream

He can’t stop now
He’s much too high up to go back down
So he continues to steer himself to
Whatever his intuition tells is near

Taking what he thinks is his last step
He finds a black chest
Not the kind with treasure
But instead the kind where he had concealed
His biggest secrets and his deepest fears

Inside he finds
A longing to heal
He knows he has a problem
It’s him.

In his head is the worst place to be
His mind is never resting
He develops insane enmity, for himself

How could he let this be?
He doesn’t know why
He desperately looks for answers deep inside

He thinks the answers lie within his skin
So he carves, deep, hoping to find an explanation
But then a brilliant idea strikes him
The answer must be at the bottom of his bottle!

In the beginning he found
Satisfaction in drowning his sorrows
By playing with his chances of tomorrow

But all this led him to a misery
That resulted in his tragedy

To his surprise he found something lying at the bottom of his bottle this time
A note that read,
“time’s up.”

…fades to black…

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