the crazy step dad

February 26, 2012
By Anonymous


Today I overslept. This is weird, because I normally get woken up by Jim, my step dad. Today he was not awake at six so I was up around six thirty, and he was up around seven. We had no time to eat breakfast so he was even madder.
To make matters worse I was late for school, so I got angry at him. He was late for work and I ended up in trouble. He almost got fired from his job, which is way worse for me…

Jim left a Fire Department pager on my pillow. All I remember was a loud noise and a BIG headache. I woke up on the floor at quarter after ten. Oops! A pager sends out certain tones, then voices tell whose Fire Departments or ambulances goes where.

Soon I get revenge: Jim likes his pagers loud, so I put them all in his room in hidden spots and on full volume. Let’s see how he likes it (them)!

He was pale and confused. Mom took him to the Walk In Clinic. Jim got a concussion from his head hitting the headboard. He needed to have one day of rest.

There were two pagers still left unfound, and they scared Jim to twice his new normal paleness. He came up to my room and really scared me- I thought he was a ghost! He started to yell at me and mom came in to the room and yelled at Jim. She thought he planted the pagers and he was yelling at me for no reason. I’m glad she cares!

In the morning, I had trouble waking up. I almost wish there was a pager this time. But as any teenager, it’s quarter to ten and my little dachshunds are on my bed. They both like my room, but I don’t like them in my room, since one is still being housebroken. I pick them up and put them outside my bedroom door, close it, lie on my bed, and then pass out.

I think I’m making my parents go crazy. Jim never woke up, mom had a twitchy eye, and I sat there laughing. Isn’t the world a funny thing?
Jim woke up with a rubber snake in his face at three in the afternoon. The scream was way more terrified than the pagers. There were three loud thumps, (I think I hit my head) followed by Jim running up the stairs with the snake. I could not stop choking my- self with laughter.

I had no clue what happened yesterday, but the right side of my face hurts, there is a huge bump on my forehead, and I’m short of breath. Jim hadn’t slept last night, so I didn’t either. I had a hard time sleeping in the middle of the day.
Jim needs to learn some manners. I mean the pagers, the snake and the smoke alarm (I rigged a stick so he would set it off when he got up). At three a.m. the pagers went off, a scream, another, then the smoke alarms. Even mom screamed when she heard that!!!!!!!!

Nothing happened except a middle of the night fire drill.

I woke up in the yard with a sleeping bag tied around me (Jim was never good at tying knots so I’m fine). Jim ran over a rake in the yard on his tractor. Then he stepped on it. I think he still has a concussion. I’m no doctor so I’m not judging.
I think if I called my dad and had him take me today, I would not hurt myself there so I did. I hope Jim doesn’t hold grudges, because the snake is still under his blanket.

The author's comments:
my step dad is always yelling at me if i miss any homework for school

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