February 25, 2012
By ImaniDanielle SILVER, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
ImaniDanielle SILVER, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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the lens that you see me thru must be the highest one
i feel that everything i do is criticized
the one that you see isn’t the me you should be seeing
i started changing me so you could be happy
to you I’m just a spelling error in life that needs to be backspaced
I’m not going anywhere anytime soon
so go ahead criticized me
look at me closely
I’m not changing me for you
the funny thing is you say you see everything about me
when your ignorance blinds you
deceives you to thinking I’m a problem
i finally now can say that i don’t need you
i can turn from you and no longer be hurt
I’ve been hurting way to long
and the only way i learned how to heal
is to leave you behind
why was i holding on so tight
that my grip wouldn’t give
we grew up together, remember us as kids
..but no you cant and neither can i
yes it hurts to say goodbye
but heals to feel the stress give
only if you could put the telescope down
and see me with your real eyes
maybe then you’ll realize

The author's comments:
The pressure of someone close to you putting so much stress on you to be someone that aren't. Don't let them do that dot you are who you are, & it should stay that way from start to the beginning.

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