Tears Of Pain

February 25, 2012
By AshyyHeree BRONZE, Janesville, Wisconsin
AshyyHeree BRONZE, Janesville, Wisconsin
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We cry tears of hunger,
tears of pain,
and then there's tears of war,
but it's all the same.

Our world needs peace,
and happiness,
maybe even a little encouragement,
but when push comes to shove,
all we really need is love.

We can help the innocent,
the poor,
the homeless,
and when you see the tears of a child,
calling out for help,
you just sit there,
in all your money and health.

You don't understand,
the pain they bear,
you don't understand,
how much they suffer,
and you don't understand,
their amount of strength.

You couldn't live in their world,
with their pain and agony,
they may be poor and unhealthy,
but their better than all you "wealthy" people,
they have the courage,
the strength,
and the will in their hearts,
to push on.

They only dream,
of second chances,
about how one day,
they might be able to live like you,
but there's the problem,
they don't want to be like you,
they want to help people,
because they know how it feels,
to shed tears of pain.

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