one day

February 25, 2012
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One day of smiles and laughter
We talked and joked
We teased each other
We watched everyone around us
You sat by me when my friends had left me alone
You stayed with me the whole day
We left the concert us and all of my friends
Went down on the lake
As we sat side by side
I had your jacket on keeping me warm
You didn't want me cold
You had your arm around me
I had my head on your shoulder
I did nothing but smile
We talked about silly pointless things
But they brought us closer
As I sat there I wondered how much it would hurt her
And if this was truly you
In an inch of my mind I wondered what would have happened
What what would have happened if I kissed you
But your only a friend
Nothing more
Nothing less
So why was I here in your warm arms
What put me here
You told me you liked me the next day
But I didn't believe it
I wasnt the girl you were looking for
We've been friends so long
And I think you still love her
I think you still care
One night changed out friendship
And one night may end up being all we share
They asked if I liked you I laughed and said no
I was sure I was right but why am I still thinking about that night
I finally saw the side of you they fell for
But I didn't think I was falling to
What if she's still in love with you
I don't want to be more than friends
But can't help but wonder what if we were
I hope or friendship get closer
And maybe I'll spend another evening in your arms
I had one of the best nights of my life with a friend I barely knew

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