Fluting to Victory

February 25, 2012
This bar of silver that’s in my hand shall be the death of me.
I practice long hours to perfect the fast and slow assorted notes on this little jumble of staff.
Hours dwindle when practicing
Yet I chose to be with you even though I can be out with friends.
I look at my tired fingers saying, “Do you give up? Or do you want to continue?”
The section leaders listen carefully, while some may turn.
Others stay and continue to listen.
Nice job, I often will hear.
Alas though! My happiness will come from the hard work you bring.
Often times, I find you give comfort on those unsuccessful days,
Mostly when life is surely horrible
I find my success through practice
This leads to ultimate satisfaction and happiness within
I thank you, friend, for saving me on those rough days.
You’ve helped.
So keep with me until my youthful bones grow weak.
You light my days with music that I surely love.

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