One Sip

February 25, 2012
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Why does he smoke?
Why does he drink?
What is the attraction?

I've read every article,
looked up ever statistic,
but still I'm left with one dreaded question--

I ask Drew,
but all he tells me is,
"You have to try it to understand"

Then, suddenly,
a wine-sized bottle of Captain Morgan
appears in his hand.
He thrusts the liquor to my chest.

I can't...
or can I?
My parents aren't around.
It's only one time...

I look Drew straight in the eyes,
and take the bottle from his grasp.
The white-tinted glass feels cold
against my palm.
I unscrew the sealed metal cap,
As the pungent smell of alcohol and a hint of coconut
pollutes the surrounding air,
slowly I lift the bottle to my lips.
I pause.

I look at Drew on last time.
He gives me a reassuring nod,
so I tip the bottle.
The liquid grazes my lips
then floods my mouth.
My tongue tingles at the touch.
As I swallow,
the cool bitter liquid
turns into a wave of heat that burns my throat
and warms my stomach
like a cup of hot chocolate after a day in the snow.

I did it.

I took my first drink of alcohol...
and it felt great!
The drink was disgusting,

But to Drew, I was cool.
Or cooler at least.

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