What Wish Takes Her?

February 25, 2012
Her life drips down the petals
And dead leaves
Like blood
Streaming, a river, out of the 
Swollen wounds of a soldier
Color has withdrawn from her
Fragile, candid stem
Draining its soul from internal

Limbs break free and fly
With the wind
Making wishes to children
As they go, giving dreams
To solemn dreamers
Who don't know better than
To think of foolish things
With their drawn imaginations
Which run wild, untamed 
By their masters

The vitality sings with the wishes
And ink of water 
Weeping for the ignorant minds
Who from the life 
Blow their smiling lips
Believing the torn branches of her
Can spread in the breeze
And bring them their
Idiotic thirsts and hungers

Those children don't understand
The life, drowning in the rain
Sitting upon a darkened stem
Leaves crumbled to nothing,
Once had dreams too
Hopelessly smashed on
And ripped to pieces

But what they see of her now,
White and fluffy,
They decide to varnish.

A lone little girl picks the withered flower
And stares at her in wonder
Before plucking off the 
Barren, cold petals.
She lifts them to her face
Both hands against her whimsical lips
And breathes her life 
Onto the petals

When her blossoms drift
Into the crisp autumn air
She brings the wishes with her
Into the mountains in the north
And the desserts to the south
And forges them
Into truth, reality

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